Shattering the prejudice. Around the world the hijab is being explained as well as protested against. The non-Muslim women put on scarves on their heads with doubt as well as curiosity, waiting for some sort of magic to happen, transforming them into something else, something they don’t want. However, they remain the same. Their hair covered, their cleavage, shoulders… But it’s still them. They’re still beautiful, they can still smile, speak, move. They can do everything they could do before, and more. They don’t give up anything. The fact that they can’t go to clubs, drink alcohol and “relax”, has nothing to do with the scarf. They shouldn’t do that anyways.
I read on Wikipedia (alas, Croatian Wikipedia) that the hijab is a scarf worn by some Muslim women, as well as that it is an attire characteristic to conservative people. And whoever reads the definition as such, will come to the conclusion that the hijab is a scarf. A kerchief that you put on your head because of your religious and conservative beliefs. If the hijab is a scarf, you can hang it up. On a hanger. I have at least twenty of them, in different colors.
But i don’t wear the hijab for religious purposes. The hijab (wears) upholds me, guides and protects me for the past 15 years and 5 months.
The hijab is on our outside as well as inside of us. It is that family upbringing that you carry from your parents. It is what your remember form the lessons you learned in school and studying. The books you read, the channels you watch… The level of expression you use, the way you talk to the elderly, to children. The way you walk and how you behave. The way you smile. It’s the way you know when to drop your gaze: not to look at anything that doesn’t belong to you, whether it be a man or his deeds.
The hijab is also the way you eat: with your right hand, knowing how to use knife and fork. Taking care of yourself. Knowing how to use a perfume, for yourself, not for the whole city to smell. The hijab, actually, is being careful that whatever you do, doesn’t bother anyone. To know when to be recognizable, as well as when to be inconspicuous. Because when the two get mixed up, chaos ensues. Then you get defined by the scarf that’s on your head or in your closet.
The hijab is to be recognized for your inconspicuousness, that’s what it is.
The hijab is absolutely and undoubtedly, the way you dress. It is important to look good, but not noticeable by any and all means necessary.
In conclusion, I only wish that our hijab doesn’t become just a scarf.
Happy ‪#‎WorldHijabDay‬!

(Prevod: Agim Perović)